Warby Parker is an online retailer that offers a variety of vision correction options, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contacts. Like most eyewear retailers, Warby Parker takes insurance from multiple providers. 

Warby Parker accepts UnitedHealthcare vision insurance. They also take the UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan, or Medicare Part C. UnitedHealthcare plans allow policyholders to purchase prescription glasses and contacts at a fraction of the original cost.

Does Warby Parker Take All UnitedHealthcare Plans?

Warby Parker accepts all UnitedHealthcare vision insurance plans. This includes UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage vision insurance.

It was not until 2018 that Warby Parker began covering UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage members, giving elderly patients an opportunity to save money on their vision care.

However, the exact price you will pay with UnitedHealthcare vision insurance depends on your specific policy and insurance benefits.

How Much Will Warby Parker Glasses Cost with Insurance?

The amount you’ll pay for your Warby Parker glasses through UnitedHealthcare vision insurance depends on a couple of factors. These include:

  • The type of lens you need
  • The specifics of your vision insurance plan

Single-vision glasses are typically the least expensive to purchase through insurance, while high-index or progressive lenses tend to be a bit pricier.

However, traditional UnitedHealthcare policyholders can usually expect to pay $25 or less for a new pair of glasses, lenses and frames included.

You must contact your insurance representative to find out exactly what your UnitedHealthcare policy covers.

How Much Do Warby Parker Eye Exams Cost with Insurance?

In addition to their wide variety of frames and lenses, Warby Parker offers comprehensive eye exams. UnitedHealthcare covers any regular eye exam you get at Warby Parker. 

Warby Parker eye exams are performed either in-store or through an app called “Prescription Check.” Currently, the in-app vision test is only available to iPhone users.

The amount you’ll pay for your Warby Parker eye exam with UnitedHealthcare vision insurance depends on the type of exam you get and your specific insurance benefits.

However, Warby Parker claims that customers save an average of $140 when they use UnitedHealthcare insurance to get an eye exam and new prescription glasses.

How Much Do Warby Parker Sunglasses Cost with Insurance?

Prescription sunglasses are a great option for people who do not want to wear contacts to protect their eyes from UV rays.

Like traditional glasses, the price you can expect to pay for Warby Parker prescription sunglasses through UnitedHealthcare depends on: 

  • The type of lenses you need
  • Your specific vision plan

Single-vision prescription sunglasses are typically the least expensive, while progressive prescription sunglasses are usually the most expensive.

What Will UnitedHealthcare Vision Insurance Cover?

There are a lot of benefits to using UnitedHealthcare vision insurance. Once each year, UnitedHealthcare will cover the following items for policyholders:

  • One comprehensive eye exam
  • One pair of prescription lenses
  • One pair of eyeglasses frames
  • Up to four boxes of disposable contact lenses

It’s important to note that, although UnitedHealthcare will cover either prescription lenses and frames or contact lenses, they will not cover both within the same year.

What Does UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Cover?

In 2018, Warby Parker expanded their coverage availability to elderly patients when they began accepting Medicare Advantage plans, or Medicare Part C.

This newly-added coverage through UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage allows policyholders to take advantage of new vision benefits.

Depending on your specific Medicare Advantage plan, you may be able to get new prescription glasses, eye exams, and other types of corrective lenses covered by vision insurance.

Co-pays and fees are usually a bit higher with a Medicare Advantage plan than with a traditional UnitedHealthcare plan.

For example, while other policyholders can expect to pay about $25 for new prescription glasses, Medicare Advantage policyholders should expect to pay about $50.

However, Medicare Advantage policyholders still pay much lower prices than they would without any insurance at all.

What Benefits Does UnitedHealthcare Offer at Warby Parker?

Using UnitedHealthcare vision insurance at Warby Parker offers a few unique benefits. These include:

  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Free exchanges

In addition, each pair of glasses you purchase at Warby Parker through UnitedHealthcare comes with a six-month, no-scratch replacement guarantee.

This guarantees that, if your lenses scratch within six months of your purchase, Warby Parker will replace them for free.