If you own a pair of Dior glasses and need to authenticate them for any reason, knowing how to locate their serial number is essential.

  • Check the Authenticity Card
  • Check the left frame arm
  • Check the right frame arm

Where Can I Find the Serial Number on Dior Glasses?

Finding the serial number on Dior glasses is essential for verifying authenticity and tracking the product’s history. 

Not all Dior glasses will include a serial number. Until recently, the only place you could find your glasses’ serial number was on the Authenticity Card.

If your glasses are older or you bought them secondhand, not having a serial number isn’t necessarily something to worry about. 

You can find your Dior serial number in different places depending on the type of frame. Prescription frames will have the serial number engraved on the arm of the frame near the hinge. Sunglasses will have theirs engraved either on the nose bridge or inside the arm.

Verifying your serial number against manufacturer information is essential to confirm it matches and that your glasses are authentic.

Locating the Serial Number on New Dior Glasses

Dior offers a variety of glasses. These include:

  • Sunglasses
  • Prescription glasses

If the frames were manufactured recently, you’ll find the serial number in a different location based on the type of frames you have.

Find the Serial Number on Dior Sunglasses

Dior sunglasses typically have their serial numbers inside the left arm. Look for a small set of numbers and letters engraved into the material. 

Sometimes, this number will be printed in very small, vertical letters and numbers. If necessary, use a magnifying glass to read it.

Find the Serial Number on Prescription Dior Glasses

If you have prescription Dior glasses, look for the serial number on the right arm near the temple. 

Look for an engraved set of numbers and letters. If you have any trouble reading it, use a magnifying glass.

How to Verify Dior Glasses

It’s important to note that only newer Dior glasses will include a serial number. If you don’t see a serial number on your glasses, don’t panic. 

Dior typically assigns a unique model number for each style of glasses they manufacture, making it simple to identify which model you have.

If you can locate a serial number on your Dior glasses, it’s essential to inspect it for accuracy and consistency with the manufacturer’s information

The serial number should be ten digits long, including both letters and numbers.

 If you have your Dior Authenticity Card, be sure you can match the serial number on your glasses to the one on your card. 

How to Verify Dior Glasses without a Serial Number

If your Dior glasses don’t have a serial number, you can still verify their authenticity through the model number.

You can find the model number on one of your Dior glasses’ arms. Next to the model number, you’ll see the frame size and temple length.

Make sure the model number printed on your glasses matches the model number you see when you view the frames online. 

You might also see some information regarding the country of manufacture. While most Dior glasses are manufactured in Italy, there are a select few that are made in Japan.

What Can I Do with a Dior Serial Number?

Once you know your Dior glasses’ serial number, you can use it to verify your glasses’ authenticity and file warranty claims. 

If you purchased your frames secondhand, you can also use it to track the frames’ history.

Verify Dior Glasses’ Authenticity

The serial number is an essential tool in verifying the authenticity of your Dior glasses. 

Whether you find it on your frames or your Authenticity Card, each pair of Dior glasses has a unique serial number that can be used to confirm your frames are genuine. 

Counterfeit glasses often feature fake serial numbers or misprinted manufacturer or model information.

While Dior does not currently have an online authentication tool, a representative at a Dior store can let you know if you have a real pair of glasses.

File a Warranty Claim

Dior glasses usually come with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects. If you bought your glasses at a third-party retailer, you might also have a retailer’s warranty that covers accidental damage.

To file a warranty claim, you will need your serial number.

Track Your Dior Glasses’ History

Having the serial number for your Dior glasses is also important if you purchased your frames secondhand. 

The serial number allows you to track your glasses’ history, including previous warranty claims or repairs. 

This data can be useful if you need replacement parts, lenses, or just want to learn more about your glasses.