You may be wondering if Warby Parker is owned by mega-corporation Luxottica. Considering they own a vast majority of eyewear companies, it’s not an uncommon question.

Luxottica does not own them. In fact, Warby Parker is trying to take on Luxottica by offering a cheaper alternative and cutting out the middleman for glasses.

We’ll get into more detail about Warby Parker and how they are working to make glasses for the average consumer more affordable.

Warby Parker is an Independent Company

Warby Parker being its own entity is realistically a plus.

While not the biggest name out there, they are making way and continuing to grow their customer amounts.

Overall, this is a very good thing for the eyewear market.

Some people do not like Luxottica having such a huge share of the eyeglass market and it can be off-putting.

We need more companies like Warby Parker to break up the monopoly that Luxottica has.

As long as they keep prices reasonable, they’ll be able to get more customers from Luxottica and only increase the quality of their product overall.

Who Owns Warby Parker?

A lot of these companies start off and get bought up by mega-corporation Luxottica, and you may not even realize someone is owned by them.

The CEO and co-founder of Warby Parker is Dave Gilboa.

You can have peace of mind knowing Warby Parker has not sold their company to anyone and is working hard to be a top competitor against some of the biggest brands Luxottica knows.

Comparing Warby Parker vs. Luxottica

Now, a lot of people assume any competitor to Luxottica does not have the same quality.

To an extent, that may be true. However, the price point does play a role in that.

The competition between Warby Parker and Luxottica keeps both companies striving to make the best product possible.

Let’s go over the differences between these companies below.

Warby Parker Glasses are Lesser Quality, but Good for the Price

Starting with Warby Parker, this company might be what you want to go with if you have a limited budget.

The price is significantly lower, with frames and lenses included.

This means there is a little bit of quality loss, but for what you get, it is definitely worth it.

Here are some other benefits to consider:

The main complaint with Warby Parker glasses seems to be metal frames not having the durability you may expect.

The solution to this is to simply be gentle with them and make sure you aren’t rough on them.

Luxottica Has Better Deals but is More Expensive

Now, let’s take a look at what Luxottica has to offer.

Luxottica is expensive, but their frames tend to last a very long time and can handle a lot of wear, which is something important to consider.

Now Luxottica offers a 24-month warranty for manufacturer defects. If they are scratched within that time frame, they’ll replace them.

Warby Parker has a Smaller Market

Luxottica is producing glasses for people all over the world.

Warby Parker’s biggest challenge is that they produce glasses for those in the USA and Canada.

This is a good thing, but it is a little difficult for them to compete.

So, with the reduced reach Warby Parker has, it does stunt them from becoming a bigger competitor.

Where Does Warby Parker Manufacture Their Glasses?

If you want affordable glasses, you are likely to get something made in China.

Glasses made in the USA do come with a pretty large markup, so that’s something else to consider.

In fact, other than in some boutique places, your glasses were almost guaranteed to be made in China.

However, this doesn’t mean that they’ll be of lesser quality or anything.

Warby Parker, like almost every other eyewear company out there, manufacturers in China.

The quality of Warby Parker glasses is very good for the cost, and the warranty on the lenses is very good, considering some places don’t offer anything for scratched lenses.

They are also working hard to make sure the working conditions in their facilities are up to a good and ethical standard.

They do not want their employees to be in poor conditions.


Warby Parker is an independent company and is not owned or associated with Luxottica in any way.

If you are looking for glasses independent of the monopoly, this is a good alternative.

Warby Parker also has prices that are more in line with everyday consumers instead of the massive name brands under the Luxottica corporate names.