It’s frustrating to buy your glasses only to realize a few days later that they don’t fit well or they’re causing you discomfort. Warby Parker is known for its pricy but premium glasses that many people prefer. However, there are cases where buyers get misaligned glasses than they had hoped for, which leaves them wondering where they can take them to be adjusted. 

Warby Parker glasses can be adjusted at any of their retail shops near you. If there isn’t any nearby, you can take them to any optical store around you, and Warby Parker will reimburse you at least $50 for the cost. However, such a deal stands for reimbursement and not total repair

This article will look at whether Warby Parker will adjust your glasses for free and the average cost of having these glasses adjusted by another optical store, which you will learn if you read on. 

Where Should I Take My Warby Parker Glasses to be Adjusted?

When you buy new eyeglasses, the optical center of the lens must align with your pupil for clear vision. Otherwise, your vision will be blurred and out of focus, and to some extent, you’ll be pushing them higher or lower to get a better view. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re busy working or driving. Some effects of misaligned glasses include:

  • You keep adjusting them with your hands.
  • The frame might scar your nose.
  • It might interfere with your work.
  • They’re not comfortable to wear.

The good news is that you can have them adjusted at a nearby Warby Parker retail store. The staff will be glad to work on your glasses, and you can collect them after three days. 

However, if there aren’t any Warby Parker retail shops near you, the company allows you to take the glasses to any optical store to have them fixed. They will even reimburse you up to $50 of the total cost you incur. However, if the glasses get damaged while the other optical store is adjusting them, Warby Parker will not be liable or reimburse you or replace the glasses. 

Does Warby Parker Adjust Glasses for Free?

On average, Warby Parker will adjust your glasses within the first 30 days for free or for a small fee. The extent of adjustment, however, will determine the exact amount they’ll charge you. Even so, it’s best to call them first to inquire if you’ll pay, and if so, how much money. 

Warby Parker also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, where if you’re not happy with the product, they’ll give you back your money with no questions asked. There is also a one-year warranty with their products, but this primarily covers scratches on the lenses. 

Warby Parker cautions its customers to avoid adjusting glasses on their own, which might damage the glasses. If you damage your glasses while trying to adjust them, Warby Parker will not replace them, and you’ll have to buy new ones. 

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Wary Parker Glasses Adjusted?

On average, it would cost you between $10 and $40 for a simple adjustment. The cost will differ depending on the amount of work needed to have them fit as needed. It would take you a maximum of 48 hours to collect them

You should first contact Warby Parker if you choose to take the glasses to another optical center so that they can be aware of the new changes needed. By doing so, you’ll ensure the 30-day money-back guarantee still stands, and in case the costs go above $50, you can rest be assured that they’ll reimburse you for that as well. 

If you choose to take your glasses to another optical store because you can’t locate any Warby Parker retail store near you, make sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Contact them and ask whether they can adjust Warby Parker glasses.
  • Ask about the charges.
  • Ask whether they have a warranty of any sort in case the glasses get damaged by them.
  • Know how long it would take to have them fixed.

Final Thoughts

Loose glasses can be frustrating as the optical center doesn’t often align with your pupil. This would cause you discomfort and lacking proper vision. If you just bought the glasses from Warby Parker, you can take them to the nearest retail store to have them adjusted. Another option is to take them to any optical store, but make sure they’re capable of handling the task. Warby Parker will reimburse you up to $50 once to cover the cost.