MetLife is a thriving Insurance company that provides several different types of plans, and their vision plans are some of the best on the market. So does MetLife cover Warby Parker?

Yes, MetLife does, in fact, have several plans for various budgets that can be adjusted to be able to use Warby Parker glasses or contacts.

Insurance coverage is a stressful game; paying attention to the details could save you a significant headache. So read on and learn all you need about MetLife accepting Warby Parker.

What MetLife Covers With Warby Parker

Coverage with MetLife comes in a few different types, and you should pick the one that best fits your needs while aligning with your budget.

Remember that deductibles and other costs could be associated with your situation.

Studying your policy or discussing your plan with your HR rep is best.

Warby Parker Provides Excellent Care for MetLife Customers

You can access all the necessary glasses and lenses when using your MetLife benefits with Warby Parker.

Keep in mind that only some frames might be available with your plan. Therefore, knowing your plan is critical information before shopping online.

A few of the items you have access to as a MetLife carrier at Warby Parker are:

  • Glasses – Warby Parker has several stylish designs for frames and a protection warranty on scratches to the lenses.
  • Contacts – Warby also has some fantastic contact lenses that are easy on the eyes and won’t put a massive dent in your wallet.
  • Eye Exams – MetLife insurance will allow you to use their eye exam doctors when your prescription expires.
  • HSA – MetLife has a Health Savings Account that can be used to help pay for any deductibles or examinations.
  • Provider Search – They allow you to search doctors in your area and choose the ones you know or are closest to you.

MetLife is a fantastic carrier of eye insurance. You can access all the frames and eye exams you need using the right plan.

Your plan type significantly impacts what services you can access and how much they will cost. Therefore, spending extra on a plan is advised, but MetLife has excellent affordable plans too.

Your MetLife Plan is Fantastic for Warby Parker

MetLife has several different plans available for their Vision Insurance.

However, it is essential to remember that each plan could cost a bit more the more coverage you get.

MetLife has a large number of plans that fit every demographic.

The largest open the doors to the Warby boutique, while the lower ones could only get you access to basic frames and lenses.

A few different plans available from Warby Parker are as follows:

  • Vision Access – Vision Access is the smallest coverage available with MetLife Vision. It gives you primary access to some Warby Parker products but has some limitations.
  • Superior Vision – The largest coverage you can get with MetLife is the Superior Vision program. It gives you access to all Warby offers to customers.
  • PPO Plan – Another stellar plan from MetLife Vision is the PPO Plan. It keeps out-of-pocket costs down while letting you have the glasses you want.
  • Davis Vision – One of the most chosen products that MetLife Vision offers is the Davis Vision plan. It is a step below Superior and provides some fantastic discounts.

MetLife Vision’s plans are some of the highest-rated in the insurance game. Contact your HR rep or contact your provider for the full specs.

Using Warby Parker with MetLife is Simple

Ordering your glasses or contacts on Warby Parker is simple.

You can get your new specs by jumping through a few hoops and be back to normal in no time.

If you have one, you should have your insurance and Warby Parker login ready when you get to the Warby provider landing page.

The steps to get glasses with your MetLife insurance at Warby Parker are as follows:

  • Choose MetLife – Find your MetLife provider in the list of businesses on the provider page.
  • Log-In – Once you have found your provider, you will be linked to a login page. The log-in link to a list of policy numbers; you should find yours.
  • Pick the Frames – As soon as you get your provider info squared away, you can pick out your new fit frames or contacts.
  • Check the Mail – In a few weeks, your new eyewear will show up in the mail, and you will be the envy of the office.

Warby Parker isn’t just known for snappy designs.

They are also known for having excellent customer service and phenomenal returns.


MetLife is a great place to shop for Vision Insurance. They have several plans available for all budgets and needs.

MetLife works excellently with the online glasses and contacts group Warby Parker.

They are known for having several effective ways to get great designs with your insurance plan.