Warby Parker glasses have a try-on period that has made them wildly popular. For five days, you get frames of your choice to test drive. So, where does Warby Parker ship from?

Warby Parker ships its glasses from its optical labs in Sloatsburg, NY, or Las Vegas, NV. They make their frames out of the country but have a final assembly in the States.

Where Warby Parker Ships From

Warby Parker began as an online brand and has blossomed into having a few storefronts around the country.

However, some factors determine where your glasses ship from.

A few of the factors that influence where your glasses come from are:

  • Location – Where are you? If you are located near one of the optical labs, then your glasses will show up in a flash. If you live farther away, it could take longer.
  • Order – The size of your order could force it to come from one of the labs farther from your location.
  • Inventory – Another thing that could force your glasses to come from another optical lab is the inventory on hand. Rare designs could also take longer.

Warby Parker ships their glasses from their optical labs in Slaughtsburg, New York, or Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is, of course, depends on where you live and other factors like the size of your order.

How Warby Parker Makes Their Glasses

One of the most exciting things about Warby is how they fight against the top companies in eyewear.

They have an innovative process that takes materials from around the globe to make some of the most trendy frames in the world.

What Materials Are Warby Parker Glasses Made From?

Materials are what make WP glasses so trendy and dependable. They use various materials that make the designs catch the eye, not your wallet.

A few of the materials that Warby Parker uses to make its glasses are:

  • Titanium – The titanium used to make some of the frames available from Warby Parker comes from around the globe, and only the best make it to the factory in China.
  • Acetate – One of the primary plastics used in making the glasses is acetate from a family farm in Italy.
  • PolycarbonateMost lenses made by Warby are made from a Polycarbonate material that is light and strong.

The materials undergo an exciting process that sees them polished by hand before the lenses are delicately inserted in one of the final steps.

Warby Parker’s Glasses-Making Process

The time and care that Warby Parker places in each of their pairs of glasses is astounding.

Each is taken through a process that handcrafts each pair specifically for the customer.

A few of the steps taken when making your Warby Parker glasses are:

  • Face Fronts – The front of the glasses is machined with a CNC device that creates the iconic design of the face front of the glasses.
  • Polishing – The glasses undergo a tumbling and polishing regimen that makes them smooth and shiny.
  • Lenses – Each set of lenses in your new Warby’s will be hand-set and polished before packing into boxes.
  • Packing – Once the lenses are inserted and shined, they will be put into the Warby Parker signature boxes and whisked off to you.

When the glasses are on the way, you will get updates on their arrival; some could show up sooner than you expected.

Delivery Time for Warby Parker Glasses

Waiting around for glasses could be a bad thing. Wait times for WP are some of the leanest in the business, and they only use the best delivery methods, like UPS and the US Mail.

Some of the wait times for Warby Parker glasses are as follows:

  • Glasses – The wait for prescription glasses and sunglasses to arrive from WP is between seven to ten business days, depending on your frames.
  • Lenses – Contact lenses have a shorter wait time than sunglasses and have a trial period, depending on your insurance. Lenses take between five to seven days.
  • Non-Prescriptions – Warby has their frames in standard and sunglass form, and you can get those shipped in about seven to ten business days.

Delivery times are often designated in business days, but there are cases in which you can get expedited delivery for an extra fee.


Warby Parker ships their glasses from their optical labs in Las Vegas, Nevada, or Sloatsburg, New York.

You can expect to get your glasses within seven to ten business days.

They will be made with high-quality materials and have polycarbonate lenses that can resist scratching.