Good vision is an essential aspect of our daily lives, and you would think that glasses would be covered by insurance. Certain insurers only cover Warby Parker glasses.

Warby Parker does not take Medicaid specifically. However, if you have Davis Vision with your Medicaid plan, Warby Parker will accept it. However, if you do not have the right plan, they will provide you with the documentation to present to your Medicaid plan for possible reimbursement.

Insurance can be tricky when it comes to the cost of vision care. Warby Parker does not take many different insurances. Take a look below for examples of insurance choices.

In Some Cases, Medicaid is Acceptable

On Warby Parker’s site, they do have a list of insurances accepted.

There are a few that are either Medicaid or possibly the plan may be sponsored by your Medicaid provider.

  • Davis Vision
  • VSP
  • FEP Vision
  • CareFirst, which is a Medicaid plan but is only accepted in certain areas

If you are fortunate to have a Medicaid plan that sponsors the first three vision plans, then you are in good shape with Warby Parker.

Their site says they accept CareFirst, but this is only in certain areas.

Why Does Warby Parker Not Take Medicaid?

Medicaid historically pays low reimbursements and tends to apply “red tape” to their claim processing.

When billing Medicaid, the biller may have to submit several times with corrections, ICD 10, and CPT codes may need to be justified for payment.

While Medicaid has its advantages for the client, there are also disadvantages.

Doctors and hospitals are not required to accept Medicaid patients. However, in emergencies, hospitals must accept the patient for treatment.

So it is Warby Parker’s choice not to accept Medicaid.

Does Medicaid offer reimbursement?

It is unknown if Medicaid will reimburse the patient for an out-of-network provider.

Sometimes, Medicaid will reimburse the patient with proof of medical necessity.

  • If you have an eye emergency and an in-network provider is not available.
  • If your diagnosis is one that a specific specialist can only treat.
  • If the doctor you see is credentialed with Medicaid, even though the clinic is not, they can bill through him.

However, it is up for debate because they have clinicians who offer eye care and are credentialed with Medicaid.

How to File a Claim With Medicaid for Reimbursement.

You are always welcome to file a claim for reimbursement of medical services.

With Medicaid, you will have to contact them for a form. Medicaid does not usually reimburse you for out-of-network providers.

However, depending on the diagnosis, they may reimburse you for a portion.

What Other Insurances Does Warby Paker Take?

Warby Parker takes specific regular insurance plans and eye care plans like Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, and Humana.

There are particular eye care plans that they accept:

  • Davis Vision
  • Eyemed
  • VSP

Most insurances and eye plans cover about the same with a copay for the exam, something towards a frame, usually around $100.00, and then a percentage off the lenses.

Do Any Other Glasses Companies Take Medicaid?

Medicaid has a listing of providers who are credentialed to bill for services and materials.

  • Visionworks
  • Pearle Vision
  • Lenscrafters, if the physician is credentialed for Medicaid
  • Walmart Optical – certain states are excluded due to Medicaid local policy

As stated above, most places do not want to take Medicaid because of late payments and having to send claims repeatedly.

How Much Will Warby Parker Cost Without Insurance?

If you want to know how much Warby Parker glasses cost without insurance, go to the Warby Parker site and pick the frame you find the most suitable, then:

  • Single vision
  • Progressives
  • Blue light filtering
  • High-index lenses (thinner lenses)

If you do not have insurance, Warby Parker glasses could cost $445, depending on what you get.

It seems like a pretty steep price to pay for glasses, but they may be worth it depending on your individual eyewear needs.

Frames fluctuate in price based on the materials they are made and the maker. Lens prices also vary based on the specific prescription.

Blue light filtering adds $50. Light responsiveness adds $100. Shipment of the glasses is free. You can try five frames at home for free.

If you want the full features of the glasses, you will have to pay more. For the more basic options, you can expect to pay less.   


Warby Parker has some excellent services that help with the convenience of not having to go to the doctor’s office.

This choice is not the best option for you if you have Medicaid because they do not take it in most cases.