Ryan Reynolds is an American actor who has made it big on the big screen. He has won over millions of fans with his sarcastic sense of humor, as well as his good looks! His unique sense of style adds to his persona and has people asking, “what glasses does Ryan Reynolds wear?”

Ryan Reynolds wears a few types of glasses, both on and off-screen. Some of these glasses are for vision correction, and others he wears as sunglasses. He mostly wears designer brands, including Tom Ford, Garrett Leight, and Oliver Peoples. 

Below, we’ll discuss more information on Ryan Reynolds’ stylish glasses. Keep reading to learn how you can get his look!

What Glasses Does Ryan Reynolds Wear?

When it comes to glasses, Ryan Reynolds’s unique style changes only slightly from his personal choices to the choices of his on-screen characters

In his personal life, Ryan Reynolds tends to lean toward vintage and retro frames. He has been seen the most in three styles:

  • Tom Ford TF5178-001 
  • Garrett Leight Hampton Combo 
  • Oliver Peoples Willman 

Below, we will discuss the fit and style of these three frames. 

Tom Ford TF5178-001 

Ryan Reynolds’ Tom Ford TF5178-001 glasses have thick, black frames, which give a nod to the retro 50’s look. 

These frames also have a winged detail at the edges and an overall rectangular shape. 

Garrett Leight Hampton Combo

Reynolds’ Garrett Leight Hampton Combo frames are a spin-off of an older frame made by Larry Leight and Oliver Peoples. 

These frames have a semi-translucent, two-tone frame. The top half is olive-brown, while the bottom half is a tan, sandy color. 

Oliver Peoples Willman Frames

Oliver Peoples’ Willman frame has a thicker brow line, with a narrower frame around the sides and bottoms of the eyes. This is another prime example of Reynolds’ signature retro look.

Specifically, Ryan Reynolds is often spotted in Oliver Peoples Willman OV5359 frames.

What Glasses Does Ryan Reynolds Wear On-Screen?

If you’re looking to replicate your favorite Ryan Reynolds character look, you may be wondering which frames he sports on-screen.

Reynolds’ on-screen glasses don’t vary too much from his personal choices. 

He knows what looks good on him, and even though all his characters have slightly different looks, he can find a retro look to fit each one. 

The table below will highlight the specific frames Ryan Reynolds has worn in his most famous films.

MovieFrames Worn
Red NoticeOliver Peoples Sheldrake frames in Buff
Oliver Peoples Cary Grant sunglasses in Dusty Olive
Fast & Furious Hobbs and ShawTom Ford TF5178-001 frames in High Gloss Black
Hitman’s BodyguardTom Ford Snowdon frames
Hitman’s Wife BodyguardGarrett Leight Brooks frames in Matte Espresso
Free GuyGarrett Leight Kinney Combo in Matte Brandy Tort
Oakley Gascan sunglasses
6 UndergroundRandolph Aviator frames
SelflessTom Ford Snowdon frames

Once Ryan finds something he likes, he is loyal to the brand, whether he’s at home or at work. 

Like in his personal life, Tom Ford, Garrett Leight, and Oliver Peoples seem to be his brands of choice. 

Where Can I Purchase Ryan Reynolds’ Frames?

If you are wondering how you can get Ryan Reynolds’ look, the first thing to find out is where to shop. 

You may be able to find some of his frames locally, while others you’ll need to purchase online.

There are many retailers that carry these frames, including: 

  • Neiman Marcus
  • Sunglass Hut
  • Walmart
  • Nordstrom 
  • Lenscrafters
  • Amazon

If you cannot find the frames on any of the above websites, ordering directly from the designer is always an option.

Whatever your budget, or wherever in the world you’re located, there is a retailer near you that can set you up with the Ryan Reynolds look in a snap. 

In Conclusion

Ryan Reynolds is not only a great actor, but also a trendy dresser. One of the most recognizable parts of his attire is his glasses, which he wears both for vision correction and as sunglasses. 

With his fondness for the retro look, his frame choices include brands like Tom Ford, Garrett Leight, Oakley, and Oliver Peoples. 

Whether he wears the glasses in his personal life or on the big screen, he knows what looks good on him, and his loyalty to the brands he loves bodes very well for him.