Style is a huge part of celebrity life. It is the one thing that is talked about in magazines, online, and everywhere in between. Keeping up with their style is a big deal if you are a fan of The Weeknd.

The Weeknd wears a vast number of different brands of glasses, most of which consist of sunglasses. Whether these are prescription or not is unclear.

But what makes these brands of glasses so special for his look? Read on to find out more about why he chooses these brands and, specifically, the styles related.

What Types of Glasses Does The Weeknd Wear?

The Weeknd is known for the music that he produces. His songs hit music charts all over the world.

But when it comes to his style, he wears so many accessories. Glasses are one of them.

So what types of glasses does he wear mostly, and what styles are included in his choices?

Some styles and brands of glasses that The Weeknd wears are:

  • Thom Browne Sunglasses
  • Vintage Frames Company
  • Dior
  • Chimi Eyewear
  • Chrome Hearts’ Bjorn Again

What brands seem to be the brands that are the most worn, and what types of glasses are part of The Weeknd’s style?

Vintage Frames Company

Abel Tesfaye, or The Weeknd, is a huge supporter of Vintage Frames Company.

He is usually seen sporting this brand of glasses in his everyday life and at special events like music videos.

This brand is so great for his image because, with their production and design teams, the Vintage Frames Company can make glasses that look and feel like those long-forgotten ones in the past.

Their goal is to create glasses that feel good to wear and can be a form of expression.

The CEO pulls his inspiration from big artists like Elton John to inspire those worldwide.

This branding is originally from Canada, which just so happens to be the home country of the beloved singer of The Weeknd.

Types of Glasses

They have a vast variety of sunglasses and everyday wear glasses.

Some of their sunglasses range from bold square-shaped frames to thin, oval, and rhombus-shaped frames.

Here is a list of sunglasses that are available from the Vintage Frames Company.

  • CEO Bevel Drill Mount 18KT Gold Pastel Blue
  • Vamp Life X Vintage Frames Limited Edition Bloody Red
  • VF Harlem Black Acetate Black Solid

They also have a great selection to choose from for everyday wear as well. These can be found here on their website.

Their everyday wear includes styles from some of their best sellers:

  • VF Pac 18KT Gold Clear
  • VF Atelier Mirage Woods: Pac Clear
  • VF XXL Geometric Black Clear

There is one pair in particular that Abel wears from this brand: the Goliath Vintage Frames XXL.

These particular glasses were featured in his music video Blinding Lights

Chimi Eyewear

With a new album, The Weeknd singer, Abel opts to use the Scandinavian brand Chimi Eyewear as his new sunglasses.

He is seen wearing these in a trailer for his upcoming collaboration.

But it’s no wonder he chose this brand.

With their inspiration to capture the simplicity but wearable style, Chimi Eyewear is committed to their brand’s longevity for the wearers to achieve a fearless lifestyle.

Types of Chimi Eyewear

Chimi Eyewear offers many different types of glasses. Some of these glasses consist of sunglasses, ski glasses, and regular-wear glasses.

Some of their glasses are:

  • Ski Goggles
  • Active and Sports Wear Glasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Eyeglasses

However, The Weeknd’s style is perfect for the season his album took place. The specific type of glasses that he wears is called The Magicians.

These glasses were worn in his music video that also starred two Swedish men: Max Martin and Oscar Holter.

You can find this particular pair of sunglasses on their website.

Where Can You Buy The Weeknd Glasses?

Other than the original creators of the glasses, there are other shops and stores you can purchase The Weeknd’s glasses. One of these stores is Amazon.

Since The Weeknd likes to wear retro, vintage-type glasses, being able to find glasses similar to those that he wears is possible.

The glasses sold by Amazon that are similar to those that The Weeknd wears are those like:

Among others that are available, they hold the same stylish vibes that Abel wears.


There is a wide range of brands and types that The Weeknd wears.

The most common brands he wears and are featured more as part of his look are the Vintage Frames Company and his new obsession, Chimi Eyewear.

With a wide range of glasses out there, being able to mimic his style and the unique glasses he wears, other places like Amazon offer look-a-like brands.

These can give you the style and uniqueness of The Weeknd and can be even cheaper than the name brands.