Truck drivers spend long hours driving and staring out at the road. Having a good pair of sunglasses to help with the glare of the sun and clarity of the road is important. 

The best brands of sunglasses for truck drivers to consider are

  2. Oakley
  3. Fiore
  4. Echo Frames
  5. Serengeti 

Together, we will look at five different types and brands of sunglasses that check all the important boxes that truck drivers need to consider when buying sunglasses for the road. 

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses Driving Shades

The first ones to be analyzed are the RIVBOS driving shades. These are polarized sports glasses that come in many different color combinations.

They give you protection from UV-A, B, & C. 

UVA is radiation that can cause issues with our skin and has been linked to cancer. While UVB is the radiation that is linked to sunburns. 

When driving, having a pair of shades that keep those harmful rays away is always a plus. It’s also cool to know they have a 30-day return policy. 

The frames are also flexible, making them comfortable. As we said before, the fit is super important. 

So, finding a pair that fits and is comfortable can be key when wearing them for a long time.

Oakley Sunglasses

The next one we will look at is the Oakleys. These were recommended by a lot of truck drivers. They are even eligible for HSA. 

Oakleys have light and durable frames. The frames also come with nose pads and sides that grip. You don’t want your sunglasses falling off while you are driving. 

Their lenses are also really sensitive. They pick up various lights, making it easier for the driver to see everything going on while on the road. 

Fiore Sunglasses

Fiore has both polarized and non-polarized sunglasses. 

Sometimes when you drive with different sunglasses, you have the distinct disadvantage of having different colors on your lenses. 

This is a disadvantage because it changes the object’s color.

Fiore also has great glare protection. 

Fiore sunglasses are super comfortable. They have plastic instead of metal frames or glass lenses. Leaving for a lighter and more comfortable experience.

Wearing metal and glass can get uncomfortable after hours of driving. The lighter fit is designed to fit. 

Echo Frames

Echo Frames can be good for driving, especially truck drivers. These high-technology frames allow drivers to be hands-free the entire time they are driving. 

Some people like to have earbuds in while driving, especially if their cars are not Bluetooth enabled, so that they can be more hands-free. Echo Frames don’t have that problem.

With the Echo Frames, you don’t have to worry about not being able to hear the road around you. They also come in polarized lenses and have up to 14-hour charge times. 

One of the only downsides is that they can get pricey. 

Serengeti Sunglasses

The Serengeti sunglasses are light and comfortable to wear. They may not be super affordable, but they have some cool features.

The Serengeti’s lenses can adjust to the changes in the light instead of waiting for your eyes to adjust. This helps with eye strain. They are also blue light filtering and polarized. 

The durability of their metal frames makes them better for some wear and tear since they have fantastic scratch resistance. 

Important Features in Sunglasses

So, when looking at sunglasses, as a truck driver, you want to look at a couple of different things. 

  • UV protection
  • Glare reduction
  • Fit
  • Color

UV protection

As mentioned in one of the previous sections, UV protection comes in three different forms: 

  • UVA
  • UVB
  • UVC

It is very important to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays when it comes to driving for long hours as truck drivers do. 

Glare Protection

When driving in all types of climates, weather, and sun, you want to make sure that your sunglasses can hold up against any type of sunlight.

Glare can be a dangerous thing on the road. You don’t get to choose the direction you are going in, so reducing glare as much as possible is key.


Truck drivers are on the road non-stop. Having the fit of glasses that is good for you is important. You want to wear your sunglasses. 

They are of no use to you if they slip off your nose or even hurt so much you refuse to wear them for long hours. 

So, going in and trying out sunglasses is important, even if you order them online later. 


When we talk about color, we will look at the colors added or subtracted to your lenses. 

Blue light has become popular because of the number of people working from home on their computers. 

Unfortunately, you do not want to have blue light-blocking glasses when driving. 

Even yellow light-blocking glasses can cause issues. You want to have a clear view of the road. This means seeing the road for what it is, not having anything blocked. 

That is why having glare protection is better than any color you could have. 


These are just five of the best sunglasses recommended for truck drivers. Finding a pair that is comfortable and good for you is what is going to be super important. 

So have a look, make some more comparisons, and find a pair that will get you back out on the road doing the work we are all grateful for.