Johnny Depp is famous for his style, including his signature glasses. If you want to mimic Johnny’s iconic style, you may be wondering what glasses he wears.

Johnny’s three top designer eyewear brands include Moscot Lemtosh, AM Eyewear, and Randolph Engineering USA. He wears a lot of lightly-tinted circular glasses, as well as aviators.

All these designer brands can cost a pretty penny, but luckily, there are ways to get his style for less. Keep reading to learn more about how to recreate Johnny Depp’s look by finding the right style of frames!

What Glasses Does Johnny Depp Wear?

Finding the glasses Johnny Depp wears is key to imitating his iconic style. But, what type of glasses does this famous actor wear?

Johnny Depp’s three preferred designer eyewear brands include:

  • Moscot Lemtosh
  • AM Eyewear
  • Randolph Engineering USA

The style of frames he wears may depend upon the occasion, but one thing is consistent throughout — he looks great no matter what brand he’s wearing!

Below, we’ll give you more information on each designer and ways to recreate his recognizable look.

Moscot Lemtosh

Moscot Lemtosh is an American-based company that began around 1899 and is still run by a fifth-generation family member today.

When it comes to his Moscots, Johnny likes them to be slightly smaller than usual. The Moscot glasses Johnny wears have a slight blue tint to the lenses, around 30%.

AM Eyewear

AM Eyewear is an Australian-based designer eyewear company that Johnny is particularly fond of.

They feature great designs and earth-friendly practices.

His recent legal troubles introduced the general public to a specific pair of AM frames, of which the company only produced a limited number.

For that reason, his specific AM glasses range closer to the $2,000 range.

Randolph Engineering USA

Made right in the USA, Johnny’s Randolph Engineering USA aviators are a classic way to look good and keep the sun out of your eyes.

The pair that Johnny wears is coated in 23K white gold and designed to fit with less pressure on the temples for more comfort.

How Much Do Johnny Depp’s Glasses Cost?

When it comes to designer fashion, the cost is in the eye and wallet of the beholder. What one person finds to be expensive, another may consider a bargain.

The average person can expect to pay between $250 and $2,000 for a pair of glasses like Johnny Depp wears.

For that reason, some of these brands are out of the question for the average person.

Luckily, now that you know what style you are looking for, you can easily find similar brands for less money that look just as stylish.

How to Mimic Johnny Depp’s Look for Less

Fortunately, you don’t need Johnny Depp’s bank account to acquire his stylish appearance.

Below, we’ll highlight some less expensive brands that can help you get the look you want.

Johnny’s Classic, Everyday Look

If you want to replicate the way Depp looks in paparazzi photos, try wearing frames modeled after one of his favorite designers, Moscot Lemtosh.

You’ll see Johnny wearing rounded, lightly-tinted glasses for his everyday business. You can rock glasses just like Johnny for a small fraction of a designer’s price.

To the untrained eye, there is no difference in appearance. The less you spend on designer accessories, the more you can spend on other, more important things.

Johnny’s Classy Courtroom Look

If you loved Johnny’s most recent courtroom look, you’ll love a pair of rounded, retro glasses modeled after AM Eyewear’s AVA style frames.

AM Eyewear only made 75 of the original frames that Johnny wore in his court appearance, so unless you want to pay close to $2,000 for the actual pair, finding a dupe is your best bet.

Their neutral, pinkish-beige color makes them a versatile addition to any fashion ensemble.

Johnny’s Attractive Aviator Look

Depp’s classic bad boy look is always accompanied by a pair of aviators.

Aviators are an incredibly popular style of glasses, so there’s no shortage of them online and in stores.

A lot of supply means low prices, so you can easily buy a few pairs without worrying about accidentally losing or breaking them.

In Conclusion

Johnny Depp’s glasses are a big part of his signature style. He wears rounded, tinted glasses on a daily basis, as well as aviator-style frames.

Knowing the brands and styles that Johnny likes will help you to find similar designers that offer a quality product at a more affordable price while still rocking the look we all love.